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Mapping the mushroom

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 by in Maps |

The motion picture map is comprised chiefly of continually changing boundary lines and for stability can be likened to a revolving kaleidoscope. Of course it is inevitable that the business will finally adjust itself just as did the steel and automobile industries after their mushroom periods of existence. (‘Close-Ups’ Photoplay, Dec 1917 p. 76)

Well, I’ve found the epigraph for my Silent Hollywood Map in December 1917′s Photoplay! I’d love to design a visual map of Hollywood working relationships through time and location for the silent era. Writers especially seem to move around so much it would be wonderful to map out that paper trail visually, and, if you could search for two or more writers, or a writer and a director, actor, etc, see where their paths cross, where work overlaps. As there’s no single author in the making of a film, this seems to me to be the only way to try and hold the whole picture in one place. The IMDB seems so linear – following paths from link to link. If only that information (and info from my archive work) could be plotted visually – what new working patterns and relationships would be revealed?

Anyone like to collaborate with me?

Just spotted this blog-post by John Bengtson on studio locations – looks pretty useful!